As I drift through the seasons changes, all I can feel is calmness. Observing the little details, the shifts, the colours. Acknowledge that Life will continue no matter what. It’s an obvious and cliché statement. But do you remember when was the last time you were truly reminded by that?

We are here, moving along, putting ourselves in this routine called life because we have to. And we are happy to be in that routine but once we break that: chaos. We feel out of control, lost and frustrated. Always on the hunt for control or the need to always be doing something. But that’s who we are as human beings. Hungry for more.

I guess that is why I love seasons. It reminds me, in times when chaos is my close friend, that there is something constant. Something to always look forward to.

Old Family Cookie Recipe?

Oatmeal Cookies. There’s nothing better than a good old family recipe to lighten up the mood and make your house smell delicious.

This is actually my mother’s recipe that she grabbed from a friend close to 30 years ago. I wasn’t lying when I said “old family recipe”.

So, get your spatula and apron ready because we’re about to bake some cookies!

Here’s what you’ll need.

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It’s Been a While…

My last entry was the September 2016, and here we are, in 2020 back on the blog. However, one thing that’s certain, is that we are not back where we left off. Four years? Many things have happened, many changes have been made, life went on…

I moved countries for one. That’s a story for next time. I also founded a company and that’s also a story for next time. What I’m basically trying to say is that I am planning on writing more often. Not regularly, but more often.

Also, the world is on lockdown right now and I thought, why not? Why not take this time and pick up something I’ve forgotten. Clear the dust, open the windows and start fresh.

I guess you can see it as a little catch up session. Like old friends that haven’t seen each other in years. Anyway, I’m going to keep this one short and say: talk soon.

I hope you’re okay, wherever you are.


Inside the Rabbit Hole

All of a sudden you realise that it’s the middle of the year and you are asking yourself the oh so common and existential question… How the hell did I get here so fast? No, you did not time travel, sadly… But you have been much too busy with the world around you that you haven’t even had the time to think about yourself.

I have been so sucked in with life and “adulting” that I overlooked what was closest to me: Myself. It sounds and looks pretty obvious but yet it is so mind blowing how easy it is to just forget. Accumulating and picking up whatever there is along the way, completely unaware to what extent these various things are affecting you and you are not actually dealing with them. You go on and on and on, until all of a sudden, everything overflows. Continue reading Inside the Rabbit Hole

I Fell Into The Rabbit Hole…

I found myself stuck in a spiral in which no one wants to be stuck in, but somehow the majority of us nowadays, just tend to fall into it like Alice would fall down into the rabbit hole. This vicious spiral is none other than… drum roll… Work, stress, worry, future, oh no what am I going to do, stress some more, work, work and work. And oops.. where has the time gone? Tick tock, we missed tea with our rabbit friend.

We all need that tea time. That moment when we all stop rushing. Let’s sit down and have that nice cup of tea and enjoy the moments life has to offer you. Yoga has been doing that for me, but it seems that I have lost a little balance as I let my mind wander towards plans of what I have to do next and what needs to be done at work. Continue reading I Fell Into The Rabbit Hole…

And The Journey Continues…

Hello readers!! So I decided to update you guys on my yoga journey and I must say that, so far, it has been amazing. Well.. getting up extra early in the morning and telling yourself that you should be doing some yoga can sometimes be a tumultuous task but the feeling you get right after your practice is so delicious.

Being witness to the changes of your own body is one heck of an experience. Doing yoga everyday has enabled me to go to places that I thought I’d never reach, even if it means that I only moved half and inch closer toward the ground. Continue reading And The Journey Continues…

What Was Detoxing Like?

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about a 10 day smoothie detox that I wanted experience. So now, I am back in order to talk to you about how I felt throughout this journey. Before starting, if you feel like you want to know more about this detox, just click here !

I am going to start by saying that I felt really good coming out of this detox. My body felt light and renewed. It was definitely what I needed to do after two hectic weeks of exams. The first 3 days were quite tough. Your body is craving for solids or junk food but as you slowly ease into the 4th and 5th day, you start to feeling that your body is shifting, and you actually become a lot more aware of what you’ve been eating in the past! Since I didn’t have to worry about what to make for lunch or dinner, I had more time to focus on other activities based on self improvement such as meditation, yoga and writing. Continue reading What Was Detoxing Like?

Let’s Detox!

Hello hello! I have to admit that I have been quite absent and not so consistent with my blog posts due to university exams. Oh the torture… But! it is over now and I am impatiently waiting for the results to come out. Deep breaths.

As I succumb this long traitorous wait (although it’s only two weeks, it feels like decades!), a friend of mine showed me this new phone application called “MeetUp” (if you have not heard of it, check it out!). I am loving this app so much because I’ve been wanting to attend some yoga classes for a while now (the majority of the time I practice on my own at home), I was able to find a really good yoga community where I am currently located. This allowed me to get out of my little rabbit hole and socialise but also learn new tips and tricks to improve my yoga practice. Continue reading Let’s Detox!


Unchanged, prestigious, elegant yet so raw and terrifying. Terrifying, because no matter what, you always find a way to make anyone, including myself, forget all the realities even if it is just for a split second. No, let me take that back; all but one. Your beauty. That reality can never be changed. It is seen as much as it is felt.
Terrifying because I hate surprises and you are the Queen of Surprises. You always manage to catch me off guard, taking my breath away. From the strong smells of the underground train stations, to the light breeze gently brushing my cheek as I walk along side the long parallel line of trees in the “jardins”; you never fail to amaze me.
You are always around me, reminding me of my humanity. Reminding me that there is more to life than just going from one place to another. The little smiles, the looks, the birds, the smells, the yells, the symmetry, the architecture, everything… All the little things that people tend to neglect. The more you make me notice your presence, the more I notice myself. You make me comfortable in my own skin, embracing the woman that I am. Pulling me upward, letting me stand by your side because you make me understand that although you might be famous for being the representation of love, I am too a representation of love. We all are.